Encounters of the Third Kind...

Good Day to All!

... of you who have read me a few years ago, and those who might in the future.
First I want to inform everyone that I will not write c, č and ć because that's easier and more quickly.
I believe you'll manage without check marks.
And also I will not write 'ne ću" and "će te" because it's stupid. And the creators of new Croatian grammar can kiss my *** if that bothers them.

In addition, I have yet another warning to all the non-lovers of the English language and lovers of pure Croatian language. If you are bothered by my Englishism, you have two choices:
first - leave in peace
second - Google Translator. Learn something.

Well, now that we cleared this up, let's see why I'm writing today...

So, todayI write because I just came back from the Job Fair in Split.
The other day I received a message from the Croatian Employment Service, Little-Village-By-the-Sea Branch, to appear at the named Fair. And bring my CVs.

I have done what I was instructed, albeit a little reluctantly because I had to 'borrow' 50 kuna for fuel from my dad, to which he began his daily lament on not having money and all that, but I was finally granted the donation. While he still recited, I was already on the other side of the door, my boots'heels sounding off down the mosaic stone stairway.

The event took place at the University's School of Economics. Beautiful building. In recent years I have had the opportunity to visit there a couple of times and I can say that I like it. Like, at a first glance. I even think that I could go back one day and do another level of my already high education. So what, if I'm overqalified as is, why not a little more. It probably wouldn't mean much difference in regards to finding a job in Croatia, and I might spend some time recalling better times sitting in a  student chair and nailing exams. And maybe I would even kick a** there too.

I was lucky enough to find a parking place relatively close to the builidng, so I went up the stairs happy about that. As I climbed, the thought rang in my head "Dean's Award, Rector's Award, Dean's Award, Rector's Award ...". I wondered why that meant nothing to people in Croatia. Except me.

My plan was simple. First, find a chewing gum. Then check around booths.
I needed chewing gum because I made this super tasty hake with olive oil and garlic. And half an hour is just not enough for those aromas to evaporate.
In a hazy memory of my last visit to the college I thought I remebered there was a newsstand there with chewing gums on display too. Alas, the newsstand is no more. And when I went to ask a student where I could find gum, it turned out she didn't even speak Croatian. Polish girl, visiting with the Erasmus Student Exchange program. I was very glad to see her. Those who know me know that I love all the aliens in Split.

And then I ask her in English if there were chewing gums to buy somewhere and she referst me to caffeteria, a bit confused. They were not to be found in  cafeteria either,  so I hoped I might find some at one of the boots. Until then, shut up, smile and avoid conversation. Pretend you're mute and just watch. Like you do in a Chinese shop.

My predictions proved correct. At the furthest stand, down the hall, stood a woven basket full of candy. Yeeeey! Not chewing gums, but it'll do. I grab one KiKi and explain the girls the reason of my joy. They smiled, though of course, a little confused, but hey, so far I already learned to live with  the fact that I have that effect on people. Sometimes I even use this to my advantage. Statisticly, success of this tactic is 50:50.

Since the girls were quite young, and therefore inexperienced I allow myself to think, I managed to charm them, and one even told me I was funny. In a good way. All good, but their stand and the company they represented were not my 'target audience', so I danced away, giving deep thanks for the candy. They gave me one 'for the road'.

Since this is my third job fair in Split-Dalmatia county, I am now a very experienced Job Fair "It Girl".  And as such, I can't be easily fooled any more. I brought only six CVs - three in Croatian and three in English. I do not give over my esteemed information to just  anyone. Only 'worthy' possible future employers will get these valuable samples of Croatian unemployed persons' literature,  in the Republic of Croatia.

So as I was strolling around the hall, it got pretty crowded. Among tons of Unemployed, I noticed a few Employed Ones. Okay, here I don't count the 'sellers' at stands. These Employeds had a different kind of aura. These were The State Employees, more specifically, the Ministry Ones. And the pre'sdent was there.  "It's not the president, he is the minister", 'said a friend I ran into, but I said, "Oh, well, tomato-tomato."

And just as I completed that sentence, someone brushed up against my shoulder. Thinking I was in his way, I moved a bit, but the man stood and looked me straight in the eyes. I almost got scared!  Nah. Just kidding :) You know that the only person that can scare me is my friend Denis when he jumps out around the corner in the hall and pretends to be a Vampire. But then I scream so loud that the entire floor shakes and everyone thinks someone got killed. At my previoius job. Those I speak off will know what I'm talking about.

So who was it? In the flesh - pres'dent. Okay, okay, Minister.
And so the nice gentleman asks me what kind of job am I looking for and what is my profession. And I fire away, no less than - the truth. And there go in the wind all my preparations to size down my qualifications, or at least in the words, since I can't really do it on the paper. F*** "overqualification".

- Oh, well, it is probably difficult to find work with such qualification these days...
- (Duh!) I tought to myself and managed to refrain from commenting aloud.
- ... Maybe in some multinational company ...
- And perhaps in the Ministry...  said I, and almost found myself winking at the man, as if he'd immediately figure out that "Oh boy, she's totally right!"and request my CV right there and then. And in a week there will be an Invite from the Ministry in my inbox, asking me to show up for work at a position that has, by chance, just opened, and it, by chance, simmingli perfectly fitting for me.

Anyway, after that he had said something about these  new projects here that are being prometoed just today, and behold I am just in the right place.
And I was smiling pretty, nodding agreeably, because after all, you never know, it is a pres'dent you're talkin' to. Okay, okay ....

I left the Fair exactly the way I came in. Beautiful, smart and unemployed.
Oh, well. I'm gonna go have me a nice cup of coffee in the Mall, and sort out  impressions. After all, I did just have a Close Ecounter With the Third Kind'. Maybe that was what my recent dreams with Obama were telling me about. And maybe not. Because in my dream B. Obama was giving me a passport and some dolla' 'for the road".

In any case, it's not important now. The day was beautiful, and every encounter with the Pres'dent, even in dreams, is a good omen.

Okay, okay .... :)

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