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The official opening of this year's Kaštela summer program will be held onThursday, June 25, at 9 pm. The opening ceremony is at Brce  (The Center) in Kastel Stari  starting with Fashion Show called Nostalgia, featuring traditional costumes of Kastela, as well as presentation of old crafts.

Events at Brce in Kastel Stari will begin early in the day, at 11 am, with opening of the Eco-Etno fair. The Folklore Dance group "Ante Zaninovic",  Kastela Majorettes and Classical Music Band "Zrinski" will entertain guests with their traditional and modern dance and music.
KUD Ante Zaninovic

Musical performances at the opening of the Kaštela Cultural Summer  and Fashion Show Nostalgia , will be held by CGS Zrinski, A Capella singers "Kampaneli" and "Ventula",  Nedo Kovachev,  different cultural associations, "Uskoci from Klis" and others.

Nostalgia and Eco-Etno Fair will continue in the following days too, so on Friday at 10 am, at Brce, the traditional breakfast for guests will be organized with a performance of different culture clubs. Friday evening hours are reserved for the fashion show  of individual designers and their creations inspired by national costumes, and the music program will be held by A Capella singers "Putalj",  Drazen Zanko,  dance club Lolita and guests from Djakovo.

On Saturday morning, breakfast will be prepared by the hosts of PSK Sardine, and Traditional dance club "7 Kastela" will perform national dances. On the same day, at 8 pm, there will be a Eno-gastro evening, organized by the Kastela Craftsmen Association.
Closing of the Eco-Ethno Fair will take place on Sunday in the evening hours.
Enjoy! J

for more info, in Croatian, visit Portal grada Kastela

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